Beautifully written



When everyone else has left
When every expectation is not met
When emptiness sets in
And heartache finds a way to begin
You are there
Again and again

My eternal light
Love of my life
Under every rock
Every leaf I overturn
Every note I sing
Every tear that I cry
Every ripple
That I swim
You carry me
You are my
My sacred

With you I am
Never alone
Never alone
Even in the darkest alley ways
We find light
A light so bright
Even in the darkest of
All nights
Midnight black
Pitch packed
The cards are stacked
Against the atmosphere
Manipulated by
The world
If but to
Curl up
And fade

Not another day…

The Universe is so big
Filled with
Friends I thought were friends
Yes even when all friendships end
You do not leave my side
You do not run…

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