Evil and Suffering: Why Does God Allow it? Why Can’t Humans Be All Good?

why_did_god_allow_the_possibility_of_evil_and_suffering_tWhy does God Allow evil and suffering? Why is it that God didn’t make us all good and not evil?

If God made humans completely good, there would be no free will because God is not “able to create a world in which there are free human creatures without, thereby, permitting the occurrence of considerable evil.” (Rowe, 117). However, because God allows evil in order for humans to have complete freedom, some think that God “is probably either evil or both good and evil.” (Johnson, 120). But God is not evil or both evil and good, he is all good. This does not mean that God does not have the power to do evil, but God “will never exercise” that power (Rowe, 7). Because God gave us free will, does this make God responsible for natural disasters and evil? Yes, the fact that God allows free will to people is the cause of evil and disasters. But Satan as well as humans are also responsible. Free will means that Humans can choose to stay on the path towards Heaven or stray away to the path of Hell. Satan manipulates the freedom of humans, which makes Satan the indirect cause of destruction and evil.

Most Christian theologians and philosophers reject a world without suffering and harm because suffering and evil isThe-Problem-of-Evil_Eastside1 a part of our moral development. Suffering and evil is necessary in order to teach people. It’s the same as a young child learning what hot is. For instance, a child likes to play around the stove and dose not yet know or understand why it’s dangerous. One day the child touches the stove while it’s on and gets a little burn. The child did not like that feeling so the child won’t touch or go near it again. That child has just learned what happens when you touch something really hot. That’s what God wants from us; God wants us to learn from experiences through temptations, suffering, pain, and free will. Free will is the key to all pain and suffering, and God values our freedom so much that he risk us doing something extremely evil in hope that we learn and change.


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2 thoughts on “Evil and Suffering: Why Does God Allow it? Why Can’t Humans Be All Good?”

    1. Yes, I know. That’s what free will is; a choice between good and evil. I believe that God gave free will as a way of teaching, if that makes sense. Some learn from their actions and then start to do good, while others learn and continue to do wrong.

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