Holding On To Innocence

This makes me sad. I’ve only experienced two major deaths: my mother and a close friend. This reminded me that they are not suffering anymore. Thank you for writing this.

Behind the White Coat

“Mommy, I don’t want to die!” I could taste the fear in my son’s voice.

“Sweetie, you aren’t going to die.”

“But mommy, little kids die. I’m a little kid.”

I deal with death a lot. I have always been at peace with it. I attended my first funeral at age four when my little friend from church nursery died from a degenerative neuromuscular disorder of some sort. I had seen her waste away over the months and I remember being terribly sad for her that she could not run or walk or even feed herself anymore. Even then I imagined that she was probably pretty happy about not being in a wheelchair anymore even if she did miss her mommy and daddy.

Years later I was in medical school, assisting on an emergency C-section on the pediatric side of things. The baby was born blue with a heart rate…

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