Miracle? How Would You Define One?

On what basis (faith, reason, testimony, etc) would you consider an event, either experienced by you or another person, to be a miracle? Well……

I consider anything that has a cause that can’t be ascertained or explained to be a miracle. For instance, the event that I told in class about passing my summer class’ exam without studying the last two chapters that was on the exam. Unless you know all of the answers on the test, which I didn’t, there’s no one silhouette1I should have passed an exam that the majority of the questions were short answer questions. People might say that it was lost memory from taking the class the previous semester. But that’s impossible because I withdrew from the class before we got that far into the book. And I had never seen that information anywhere else before; so, this had to be a miracle. However, this is not to say that miracles are just handed out to anyone for any situation. I could have received this miracle from a higher being (God) because I was highly stressed and tired the night before. Faith plays a role in this also because faith and experience are closely connected. Without faith, I wouldn’t have been able to identify the miracle, and since God is so great he gives miracles to those who have no faith at all in hopes that one day they will recognize the miracle for themselves.


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