Phone Suddenly Turns Off? Or Stuck On Startup Screen?

  1. Why does my phone suddenly turn off?
  2. Why is my phone stuck on startup screen with the logo?

These are common problems that most people are not even aware of. The answer to these problems are based on my experience and own knowledge. smartphonesWith that being said, this information could be completely false; however, before you decide to toss it, here’s something to consider.

  • Why does my phone suddenly turn off? Two theories…

Theory 1: If your phone turns off on its own and starts vibrating every 3-5 seconds, your power button may be stuck. This comes from you pressing down too hard or caked up dust/dirt.

Solution: Take a safety pin or a sewing needle and dig around the button; don’t dig too deep. Problem solved!

If that doesn’t work then…

Theory 2: Check to see if your battery is swollen. If it is swollen and looks like it’s sweating, then this is most likely the problem; and if it is, this is serious.

Solution: There’s nothing wrong with the phone, but it’s samexhilaratelleanvrtclsdgrycolorhomescreentime to get a new battery, FAST. If you wait too long the battery might explode (not really sure if this will happen) while in your phone. Depending on your phone, a battery can range from $30-$60. From experience, I recommend paying for a battery in the $60 range. Anything lower might be a rip off, especially if you are buying from amazon or eBay (NEVER DO THIS). It sounds high, but would you rather buy a new phone or battery?

  • Why is my phone stuck on startup screen with the logo? One theory…

Theory: If you use your phone a lot or download a lot of things on it, and your phone won’t turn back on pass the startup screen, then your phone is overloaded and confused.

Solution: All is not lost; well, only if you did not back up your data. But, the phone can still be saved through a factory reset. Your phone does not need to be on pass the startup screen to do this. You can do it right from the startup screen. The trick for doing a factory reset is different for every phone. You can iphoneGoogle how to perform the factory reset for your specific phone. But, I strongly recommend calling either the phones manufacturing company or your phone service carrier. It’s just easier when you’re talking to people via phone vs reading what can be complicated written directions. So, doing this should help, but you might lose some of those apps or other stuff if they are not backed up. If a factory reset means that I can keep my phone then some lost data is nothing.


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