Album Review: A Light in the Distance (ALITD) By Meganne Stepka

Singer/Song writer: Meganne Stepka

Album name: A Light in the Distance (ALITD)

Number of tracks: 18

Genre: Psychedelic


Marilyn Manson once said that, “Music is the strongest form of magic.” The magic displayed in Meganne Stepka’s album will amaze you. Meganne is a singer and a songwriter who intends to communicate music and sound “in a state of openness,” and wants to “[Allow] something larger than [herself] to flow as a stream through [her] in the moment.” This is a short review of six songs just to express what I thought of her 18 track album.

Unlearn: First, I’ll like to say that this song has completely changed my mind about psychedelic music. I love the way it starts; the beat catches you and draws you in. then when you think it couldn’t get better, a beautiful voice just pops on the scene. This is one of my new favorite songs. The sounds in the background, like something is falling, “adds to the eeriness of the fact that it was recorded live in real time – like in the moment whatever happens , happens and gets recorded “. The overall song is soothing and beautiful, and I believe many will love it just as much as I did.

Just for Beginnings (twss 1): I love the lyrics to this one. It says so much in so little time. But, I do wish it was longer. Or was this just a preview? Anyway, great lyrics and a powerful voice.

A Magical Place: It’s a great song. I gathered that you were saying that a magical place is any place that will welcome you and make you feel at home. It’s a place that will provide you with any need and want; a place that you truly feel is possible. I feel that this song will bring assurance to people who are on the verge of just giving up; it gives hope.

Sparks: I feel that this song doesn’t fit in the psychedelic genre. This one is my least favorite, but not because I thought it wasn’t good. It’s actually not bad. The word “sparks” is what’s probably throwing me off a bit. “Sparks” just doesn’t sit too well with me, but I’m sure there are countless people who will disagree.

Dancing Like The Sun: This song really displays your skills with the guitar. My favorite lines are:

“All at Once we’re Dancing Like the Sun
For an Eternity Billions are as One
And Now we’re here to Burn Brighter than our Eyes
For Everyone we’ve got to Learn to Fly Sometime”

Beautifully written. I can tell that a lot of thought went into putting these words together in a way that would get the point across. In other words. Great word choice.

Here on the Ground: I love this. For some reason I couldn’t help but smile when it got to the line, “I found my ground on your cloud.” This song clearly tells a story of how a major goal was accomplished. After getting answers to your questions, you were able to come to an understanding and look down from the cloud (your ground) with the one you love. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song.

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2 thoughts on “Album Review: A Light in the Distance (ALITD) By Meganne Stepka”

  1. Ashley 🙂 Your honest and organic reaction to this album is all I could hope for in sharing it with you! The way you have written about the songs is so beautiful to me in that you spoke from the place of how it made you feel. Often album reviews will go on & on about how it sounds & various technical aspects, and some of that can be interesting- but you wrote about how it made you feel & what it made you think; and that is all I care about when I am writing & performing as my best self. I care about how it makes you feel, what it lights up in someones mind when they hear a lyric or feel a phrase. My hope and intention when making music is reflected here in your reaction. Thank You My intention is always to be honest & artistic and to strive to inspire others to feel “inspired, driven, hopeful, courageous, prolific, peaceful, at ease, focused, reflective, intelligent, connected, artistic, beautiful, self-assured, excited to be you” It’s all in the music.

    1. You are very welcomed. You are extremely talented. You are able to pull people in who are not a big fan of this genre of music. Not many people are able to do this. Through your lyrics you speak truth, love, and self awareness. I hope that you continue to write and perform. For you, not even the sky is the limit. You can go so much further and I believe you will.

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