Gov. Larry Hogan Is Asking for $28 Million for A Super Train?

This isn’t what I usually post, but upon hearing about the MD Governor Larry Hogan’s request of $28 million for the development of a super train, like the one in Japan, I had to share.

According to the Washington Post, Hogan took a trip on the Maglev, a super train that, if was brought to the Washington-Baltimore region, would take about 15 minutes to travel between Maryland and DC. As for Japan, they are happy to sell these trains to the U.S. According to Amtrak, their trains travel about 150 mph, v.s. Magley’s 311 mph.

Here’s my concern; I believe that bringing these trains to the U.S. will be disastrous. Japan is obviously more advanced in technology than America. One false move and many lives could be lost. This is one train that I will have to study for about 6 years before riding.



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