A Black Face Among Them

A Black Face Among Them

It’s sad that, in this new day and age with the President of The United States Identifying as Black, racism still exist.

Well guess what? There’s a new Black Face Among Them.

She’s as resilient as can be when treated redundantly.

A crowd of White suits smirk and stare at how ruby like this Black suit is,

how elegantly fitted and robust she is,

and how she doesn’t just bring home the bacon, but the entire market.

This face, this Black face, the one who makes every man, White, Black, Blue, or Yellow, heart’s race,

is the one who puts stragglers in their place.

There’s a Black Face Among Them, and that face indeed is me.

Author Notes: I really wrote this poem because when 
I walked out of the subway station, dressed to impress, 
I received looks of disapproval from my White counterparts. 

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