Punish The Poor, Reward The Rich

I could never understand how our great American could punish the poor for being poor and reward the rich. Why is it that the less fortunate have to pay more taxes than the rich and wealthy? Or why are they encouraged to use birth control to prevent more minority children from being born and being a “problem.” people often ask why don’t they get a job. Well,  it’s because no one will give them a chance. “She needs to stop depending on the welfare system for assistance. ” Well where is she supposed to look to if she can’t get a job because she couldn’t afford to go to college? She could prostitute or do what ever she can to make money to feed them. But then, they’ll say she’s an unfit mother. Well what the hell do you want her to do?

We also have to stop beating single mothers who are trying down, constantly riding her back about this and that she’s not doing. What about the father, the one you have to pay to watch his own children for a couple of hours? This isn’t right.

I also have something to say to those stubborn and mean elderly people. When youth try to open the doors and do things for you, you push the away because you don’t want to feel old. Face it, your old. No big deal. And please, for the love of God, please stop talking badly about these young teenagers you see on the bus with babies. You don’t know how those babies got here. What if she was raped? And please stop acting like your age grants you special permission. If you want respect you still have to give it. And give people time to offer you a seat on the bus instead of complaining before you even put money on the bus.

It really, really, really makes me sick to see guys sagging their pants. It’s the most disgusting trend ever created. And worse, some guys have the nerve to have stains. Oh and speaking of guys, (black guys) please stop thinking that the only thing you can do is play ball or rap. Everyone can’t be a Jay-Z or Michael Jordan.

This has been my vent and I approve this message.


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