Emergency Legislation Targets Synthetic Drug Merchants

By Ashley Strange | Street Sense Emergency Legislation Targets Synthetic Drug Merchants.

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced emergency legislation on June 15 to prevent youth from buying synthetic drugs. The Sale of Synthetic Drugs Emergency Amendment Act of 2015 focuses on sales and distribution of synthetic drugs to young people.

Bowser notes that these drugs are indeed illicit and this week she will be submitting a bill to increase police authority. This new authority will increase the penalty for the use and selling of synthetic drugs.

Retail establishments–which includes liquor stores and gas stations–participating in the sale and distribution of these illegal drugs will be shut down for 96 hours. The fine for these establishments has been increased to $10,000, previously $2,000.

Any business that continues to sell synthetic drugs after being fined, will face an increased penalty of $20,000 and a total of 30 days without business. Repeat offenders will also risk having their license revoked. Bower hopes to have this bill implemented by June 30.

*I also want to add that synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous and there’s a reason it says “not for human consumption” on the labels. Be wise my friends, be wise.

Full Press Release: Executive Office of the Mayor


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