Rachel Dolezal

What bothers me is that she thought she had the right to say that she had a black experience. Until you have been followed in a mall, stopped on the street when you are with a group of four people, or just simply harassed by whites who think that you are the scum of the earth, all based on the fact that you are Black, then you have not had a black experience. I refuse to let this excuse fly.

Commentary by Karlton

For those of you who don’t know, Rachel Dolezal is the most recent (and now, former) President of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the NAACP. I say former because Dolezal has recently resigned as the chapter’s president due to controversy surrounding her. It has recently been discovered that Rachel has been posing as “black” for years, as secret exposed by her own parents. It has also been reported by USA Today, that the son she has been claiming is actually her brother. See that interview below:

There have been may opinions shared about the entire incident, but I think it is too early to have an opinion on the situation. Why? Because from my point of view, there is not a clear problem.

With the lack of at least one dominate issue, I think this time in our country’s history should be directed towards a healthy and open dialogue…

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