Taking Down the Confederate Flag is the Easy Part


The horrific events that transpired last Wednesday have reignited the tensions that come with race discussion and how far we have come as a country when it comes to race relations. In my opinion, we haven’t come nearly as far as we think, and I’m pretty sure the events of the past twelve months, specifically when it comes to police brutality and now Charleston, have shown that.

What has followed the feelings of shock, denial, anger, disgust, and utter helplessness that have come with this domestic terrorist attack is the heated debate about the removal of the Confederate Flag from capital grounds in Columbia, SC.


Everyone from celebrities, to activists, to politicians to presidential nominees have called for the flag to be taken down. Yesterday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley officially vocalized her support for the removal of the flag, saying how it is more a symbol of hate and bigotry…

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