Projects by Once Upon An Este


When I’m not reading or studying, this is how I keep busy:

  1. First, there’s the children’s book I’m working on with the illustration of my beautiful sister, Chakara Burrows (check her out). We are now in “talks” with a few publishers!
  2. I figured that I would start on my second children’s book now! Why wait?
  3. Since y’all know I’m a lover of all things “end of the world,” guess what I’m writing. Yup. I am working on a young-adult novel and it should be amazing (if I do say so myself). This one will take a bit longer to finish, of course. But if you like monsters, stay tuned!
  4. In case you didn’t know, I am always writing a “new” short story. I mean I always have one open on my desktop. Once I finish a story, I have to start another.

Once Upon An Este


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