Obamacare Still In Danger

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday morning in the King v. Burwell case, protecting health care subsidies for millions of Americans.

And Speaker Boehner’s response? “We will continue our efforts to repeal the law.”

Opponents of Obamacare just keep trying to take it apart — meanwhile, OFA supporters keep working to help folks get covered across the country.

Take a moment to stand with the team working to expand, not restrict, access to health care.

Photo Credit: http://www.sat1.de

This is a victory for the 16.4 million Americans (and counting) who have coverage through Obamacare.

It’s also a victory for the millions of organizers who have fought for health care reform over the years.

But opponents of this law aren’t throwing in the towel yet — and that means it’s up to us to keep working.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate — and then keep working to help folks get covered



Abby Witt, BarackObama.com


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