Homeless in America



Saturday night, Lee and I were on our way to Miami, FL.  We decided to stop in Gulfport, MS for the night since we were ahead of schedule.  We found a business next to a restaurant that allowed us to park in his parking lot.  Next door to him was a vacant Waffle House building.  The picture above shows it’s only tenant.

The shelter is primitive at best, but at least he has 3 walls.  This person had carpet pieces and parts of blankets on the floor of his tent, along with numerous blankets.  As you can tell, his tent is full of holes, but at least he has a roof over his head, and the two fences actually closed.  It began me thinking.  For some homeless people, this may be considered a mansion of sorts.  The homeless people we have seen, especially in California, live out in the elements…

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