Women Conceal Pregnancy To Avoid Job Discrimination

Three Day Rule CEO Talia Goldstein was hiding her pregnancy because she was at risk of being discriminated against.

  • Despite the law, pregnant women still get discriminated against in the workplace. This is why one CEO…

    It’s sad that women have to hide something so wonderful in order to get a job. The fact that women have to do this means that nothing has changed from many years ago.

    I can’t with this CEO hiding her pregnancy at work. I just can’t.

    It’s sad that women have to go through this. When will the discrimination end?

    @RobinRoberts @GMA @toryjohnson How sad in 2015 a discussion to hide/not disclose your pregnancy. Maybe not the right work place for you.

    As JReed says, it 2015. So maybe workplace discrimination against women who are pregnant will never end.

    Maternity Clothes : Hiding Pregnancy with Clothes

     Tips on hiding your pregnancy? All I can do is shake my head.


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