Sexual Harassment That Could Have Ended Tragically

MY SUISIDE PICOne late evening, I was coming home from class, which was from 6pm-10pm. I waited for the bus at Brookland station as I always did when two guys came next to me and giggled. As I always did in these cases, I paid them no mind. When we got on the bus they kind of brushed passed me as if they were in a hurry. I just quietly took my seat on the back of the bus, and the guys did not say anything to me the entire time. Around 10:45 I got off the bus about three blocks from my house to go to the 7/11. The two guys got off behind me and started making vulgar remarks. One guy said, “can we have that *****. Are you going to give it to us or do we have to take it? Show us how juicy that ***** is.” I had my earplugs in and pretended that I didn’t hear them. The bus driver who got off the bus with us said nothing the whole time.

I continued to walk towards the 7/11 and the guys just followed. At this point, I was worried. I’ve been harassed before on the streets, but never followed like this with such language. I picked up my pace and finally reached the 7/11. I went inside, made my transaction, and left out still fearing the worse. I picked up my cell and called my grandma just to have someone on the phone with me while I walk to my house.

This is everyday life. As a women, just simply walking down the street, especially at night, is extremely dangerous.There is a video of a women walking the streets of New York, and almost every guy she walks pass makes catcalls, and one follows her.

Many have commented on the YouTube video stating that “Women are much less likely to be the victims of violent crime. So that’s pretty much bull****.” Or, some have said that “After reading this and seeing how she thinks compliments are harassment, it shows the kind of person she really is.” Compliments? This is what’s wrong with our society. How can anyone call these compliments? Another person even said that it wasn’t harassment because some of the men said “God bless you.” Really people? Words and phrases have many meanings. I can only imagine the dirty thoughts behind those words. What makes it worse is that most of the comments were by women who were trying to justify the actions of those men.

As women, we should stand together and not give the OK to this behavior. As long as we say it’s OK, then men will continue to act this way and, sadly, another women could end committing suicide, being raped, or murdered.


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