Cat Calls

It’s sad that a woman can’t walk down the street without a man driving pass you in his car and calling out,  “hey baby. ” it makes me sick. Just the other day me and my coworkers, who are all women, were walking down the street during out lunch break and a group of guys were saying “hey green pants. Hey red shirt. ” I hate that. What’s even worse is that most of them were older guys,  like 35 and up. What a perfect example to set for splurge young men.

Another things is that they curse you out when you turn them down,  saying things like,  “I didn’t want to talk to your ugly a** anyway. ” If that was true, then why approach me in the first place. This needs to stop. Young men, do not follow after those old guys who just stand on the corner and degrade women. This behavior is that of a boy.  If you are a man, then act like one, respect women, and when you see this type of behavior taking place please don’t join in.


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