Living While Black

Walking while Black, driving while Black, singing while Black, parenting while Black, just simply living while Black is dangerous. No matter how successful you are, your skin color makes you a target. Blacks in this country are looked at as all criminals, and in some cases we are not even seen as humans.

It’s sad, and I can remember when my mother would literally tell my brothers how they should look and act while out in public. How many white parents honestly have to tell their children to “keep your hands where they can be seen,” or to not “raise your voice around the police?” I also remember being with a group of friends and hearing or seeing a police car, and how we would get quiet. This wasn’t planned, it was programmed into us; we did get unconsciously because deep down we knew that we could be arrested.


Body cameras are completely useless because they can be altered, it’s not hard to do. On Thursday September 10, 2015, Black Lives Matter DMV and ACLU hosted a Town Hall on the Policing of Black Girls. As one of the facilitators for the Town Hall, it was my duty to ask my group “what the most essential problem is, and what is the most essential solution” was when they think about not only the policing of Black women, but of all People of Color. The problem was obvious; Black people in general are constantly being killed by the police.

Racism in the police department was also a major problem, and one of the main reason so many of our people are being killed. One middle school girl said that the solution is to have police who are not racist working in the police department. But how can we point out who and who is not racist exactly?

Unequal pay between Blacks and Whites is still a problem. According to CNN, “Over the past 25 years, the wealth gap between blacks and whites has nearly tripled, according to research by Brandeis University.” The median household wealth for Whites is $91,405, versus the $6,446 of Blacks. In July of 2014, the unemployment rate for Whites was at 5.3%, while Blacks were at 11.4%. How much more proof is needed? Why refuse to see things for what they really are? 140820175620-black-white-divide-unemployment-1024x576

Since the Black Lives Matter Movement started, there have been many people trying to turn it around and say that all lives matter. If all lives mattered, there would;t be a need for the Black Lives Matter Movement. People always tell Blacks to “stop pulling the race card.” Whenever this is said, I simply respond by saying, “we’ll stop pulling the race card when we are dealt new ones.



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