Religion or Status?

It’s no secret that many, if not all Christian, pick and choose what they want to practice from the Bible without even noticing it. I can’t speak on behalf of those of European decent, but my People of Color can probably relate. You know how that sweet and God fearing–which I’ve learned that God fearing means respect, honestly, and loyal rather than actual fear–Granny always tell you not to lie because God doesn’t like it. How do you expect me to follow the words of the Bible when 1) we go to all you can eat buffet (which is gluttony), and 2) you’re stuffing chicken in your purse (which is theft). So, although we are going against the Bible in many ways, we still use it to justify our actions and criticize the actions of others. But in cases like Kim Davis, is she using the Bible to justify her actions against opposing actions, or is she acting out the power that she has over people?

For those who don’t know, Davis is an appointed Kentucky County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licences to those wishing to marry someone of the same sex, all in the name of religion. Being a Christian woman myself, I do have the same beliefs as Ms. Davis. However, I don’t believe in dehumanizing anyone based on the decisions that they make. I also would not be working in a position that will cause me to do something against my religious beliefs. Why not step down? How Davis carried out this event leaves men to think that she’s not doing this in the name of Christianity, which actually tells us to uphold the laws of the land. Davis is doing this because of her status; she knows that she cannot be fired, which gives her power over a very important part of the LGBTQ community. Davis is using Christianity as an excuse for her abuse of power. Like i said before, I believes that men should not be with men, and women should not be with women; however, the bible also speaks of Free Will. Also, God doesn’t want us to put ourselves in positions that goes against his will, so in that case, Kim Davis needs to step down.


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