A Message From Meganne Stepka…

“Teach: The Value of Life, by Living. Teach: Communication by Communicating. Teach Patience & Resilience & Healthy ways to deal with Stress, Rejection, & Life. Teach Life by Living, Communicating and Identifying Feelings & Reactions. Teach Forgiveness by Forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Redefine Perfection to mean peace & presence, when you are at peace with your life, because you can see the bigger picture, and all your efforts and values have roots and meaning, you are present, and you really are Perfect. Embrace that and Teach It. Otherwise Please remember You are Always Teaching, Always setting an example for someone (That it is ok to be this way). Please Be Conscious of That. There is so much to Value and Honor in this World. Start with yourself. Set an example”

Visit her webpage Meganne Stepka


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