Health Insurance and Treatment

Could my prolonged treatment for almost unbearable pain be a result of my health insurance?

Over the past year and three months, I’ve been suffering from horrible knee pain. When it first started, I immediately went to the doctor, but was only told that the pain would fade. She didn’t even examine my knee. Over the next few months I continued to have pain and to visit my doctor, but she would just tell me over and over that the pain would go away.

In October of 2015 I finally went to the doctor and demanded an x-ray, and from there I was sent to have an MRI done. They found that my patella had shifted out of place and keeps moving around. All this time I’ve been going through pain, and I had to demand an answer.

It doesn’t stop here because I’ve been going through pain in my left foot that is so power that when it hits, while I’m standing, I immediately drop to the floor. I’ve been to see my doctor and explain the pain, but all she did was recommend shoe gel padding. It’s doesn’t help at all. This pain is horrible, and almost every night I cry from it.

But why do I continue to be sent home when there is clearly something wrong with me? Someone asked me if it had anything to do with my insurance, but I’ve never given it any thought until now. I just hope that I get an answer for my foot pain that I’ve dealt with since June of 2015.


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