Silenced No More

Silenced |

It will be as if my mouth grew extra lips.

Each pair will spit words like justice, peace, and equality,

All things that Black Lives Matter stands for.

When one mouth is closed, the other will take its place.

There will be no more silence when objections are loud,

Objections to police brutally, objections to the justice system, and objections to a school system design to keep us below average.

There will be no more silence when the oppressed rise up,

Rise up through war, peaceful war and protest,

The type of protest the Dr. Martin Luther King preached.

Fighting violence with violence only cause more death,

The death of a mother, the death of a father, the death of sisters, and the death of brothers.

If we do not act now, we will all be responsible for their deaths, their funerals, and the many who will mourn  for them.

Act now, reminisce later.



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