Book Review: The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Women by Michael Porter

Ashley Strange


This is a book I wanted to read for a long time and I finally got to read it.



The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Women, (2001) is a 150 pages book by Michael Porter that discusses the many different principles that are destroying African American women. This book is a four part book: part one being Cause, Effect, and Madness, part two is The Women, part three is Agencies and Institutions, and part four is The Wicked, the Mad, and the Spiritual. Porter talks about the roles of African American women, along with what can be viewed as the consequences behind those roles. In one of his most interesting sections, Cause, Effect, and Madness, Porter claims that the inability for African American men to love women and not see them as sexual objects is due to White supremacy.

Through sexual acts and…

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