ANOTHER ONE: Plastic In The Shape Of A Noose Found In DMV Area

It seems that people are becoming more and more creative with how they show their hate. “ ‘Preliminary investigation reveals that this type of material is used to contain loose items during transport.’ ” I find it hard to believe that’s what it was used for. So this is just a coincidence? On the same campus where Richard Collins III was killed  by Sean Christopher Urbanski, who belonged to a Facebook group called “Alt-Reich: Nation” that promotes hate against African Americans and others. It is also the same place where a noose was found in May and several racist posters. That’s one big coincidence.

Below is a list of all the sightings of nooses in the DMV.

Hate Crime Alert: Campus Cops Investigate Plastic Wrap On Sidewalk Shaped Vaguely Like Noose

The Daily Caller


Angry students at the University of Maryland, College Park were in an uproar on Tuesday because someone claimed to discover a piece of plastic wrap vaguely coiled into the shape of a noose. Two unidentified people found the tangled, frayed strip of plastic lying partially on a sidewalk near fraternity row, reports The Diamondback, the University of Maryland student newspaper. The people who found the plastic wrap took it for a noose and hastily reported it to campus police “out of concern for possible hate-bias,” according to statement released by school administrators. “Preliminary investigation reveals that this type of material is used to contain loose items during transport,” the report also said, according to Campus Reform.

Previously Found

THE WASHINGTON POST: A noose was found Saturday on the Mall, at least the third in that area in recent weeks.

NBC WASHINGTON: Montgomery County Police said the synthetic rope noose was found in a tree in a common area near the Heron’s Cove Condominium parking lot about 8 a.m.

CNN: A person dressed in black from head to toe walked around the American University campus and tied bananas to three trees.

CNN: For the second time in a week, a noose was found on Smithsonian grounds — this time, at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

CNN: A noose has been found at a construction site in the District of Columbia, police said — at least the fifth time this symbol of racial violence has turned up in the Washington area recently.

WTOP: The hate symbol was found displayed by a front door in the 2100 block of 36th Place SE on Thursday, according to a D.C. police report.

USA TODAY: A section of rope was found near the MLK Memorial in Washington on Friday, two days after a noose was discovered inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture, U.S. Park Police said.

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT: Authorities at the University of Maryland are investigating a noose discovered in a fraternity house.


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