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Movie Review: Hidden Figures — Joanne Guidoccio

As a retired mathematics teacher, I took great pride in watching three brilliant African-American women help launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The film focuses on the untold story of Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), a mathematical prodigy whose grasp of analytic geometry makes her indispensable to NASA. But Katherine’s workplace environment is far […]

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Why are there so many homeless youth in DC?

Have You Ever Asked A Youth Why they Will Not Go Home?

This Washington Post article may give you some answers-Sasha Bruce confronts the dark, painful reasons some kids run away from home

Bring the New Year in with the right mind

​Let 2017 be a year of learning. Many will go into the New Year believing that Blacks and other minorities are not oppressed. Many will believe that Blacks and other minorities can be racist. Let me bring you in the right way. Blacks and minorities are oppressed. It’s as clear as day. It shows in the jobs we can get, it shows in what store we can afford to shop at, most importantly, it shows through genocide. The oppressed, minorities, can’t be racist, but we can be prejudice (there is a difference). 

Racist show power over minorities. They control what jobs we get and or how much we are paid, therefore they also control what foods we can afford (mostly unhealthy), and they even control our population (genocide). With most of the networks and stations being owned by the majority, they control what we see.This is what I think, this is how I feel, and this is what I learned. And, it didn’t take a Howard education to find out either.


Inmate Rejects Offer of Clemency From President Obama — TIME

A prisoner carrying out a drug trafficking sentence has made history by becoming the first inmate to refuse enrolling in a residential drug treatment program in exchange for early release under President Obama’s clemency program. Arnold Ray Jones, who was granted a presidential commutation—a pardon which would have allowed him to be absolved of his…

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12/14/1980 – Elston Howard: dies

The smear campaign on BLM — violetwisp

My pastor’s views are still developing (which is not the same undeveloped) on all the related issues, but yesterday he explicitly denounced “Black Lives Matter” as an ungodly secular movement whose objectives are at mortal odds with the biblical mission of the church and exhorted his congregation to stay away. He also rejects critical race […]

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